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If you take a quick look at the Myspace page by naisian, you'll notice an unnerving backdrop of a stormy sea acting as an effective analogy for the kind of music this Sheffield, UK bunch engages in on their newest EP "Mammalian". The genre is post-metal, but unlike many of their sludgier peers in Kylesa and 16, not to even mention Mastodon on their latest record, naisian's expression does not consist of entirely layered barrages of sludgy/heavy riffs to create a devastatingly heavy soundscape.

Instead, naisian often rely on subtle progressive tendencies to further their lengthy songs all lasting between 5 and 11 minutes. You'll hear sections of chaotic delivery, waves upon waves upon waves of pounding drum texture, crushing distortion, feedback and muddy growls, but these are effectively contrasted with quieter sections: the lulls. Metaphorically speaking, naisian takes the listener on a journey across the sea, which combines tranquil, relaxing moments with stormy unpredictability where lives are at stake. Both styles are executed to a degree of precision, but not forced to minute detail, allowing the soundscape to linger and breathe a little more. It gives the recording new life, and doesn't suffocate the listener entirely as is the case with the other bands I mentioned earlier. That's not to say the devastation is a bad thing, per se, it's just interesting to see another approach to the sludge genre which capitalizes on the power of soft/heavy contrast.

One thing that does bother one while listening to "Mammalian" is the somewhat inadequate production. It's home-made, so the vocals especially lack power when standing in direct contrast with the heavier guitar sections, for instance. The progressive, interesting songwriting makes that a minor issue, though, and naisian can look back proudly on a post-metal recording that promises a great future for the band.


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Release date 26.02.2011

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