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Written by: PP on 01/03/2011 21:21:47

Next on my never-ending review queue is Finland's premiere grindcore outfit Rotten Sound, whose take on the already chaotic genre will inevitably reel into mind words like brutalized, dense, overwhelming and so forth. You might rightfully insist that those are the basic building blocks of grindcore anyway, but rest assured Rotten Sound one up most of their peers in all categories, of which their eighth full length "Cursed" is a good example of. It is a devastating record relying on especially grating and razor-sharp guitar sound that effectively makes the listener feel like his whole body is being rammed by a thousand nails from all possible directions about once a second or so.

Yes, "Cursed" distinguishes from a sea of like-minded competitors (Murder Construct and Phobia to name but a few) by utilizing sky-high intensity levels throughout, allowing only about a nanometer of breathing room between each murderous piece of grindcore on the sixteen track record. Most songs range between 45 seconds and just under two minutes, but occasionally Rotten Sound string together lengthier pieces of grind sure to attract fans of the extremest of extreme metal in existence. This is both good and bad, as on one hand it allows the band to ride the wave of guaranteed obliteration into success at a label like Relapse, but I don't even want to begin to imagine the wall of muddy brutality "Cursed" would be to experience live. That said, it's a solid piece of grindcore, a release most certainly not recommended for pregnant women, people with chronic back/neck problems, or to be consumed as a breakfast after a wet night out in the bars.


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Release date 15.03.2011

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