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Majeure is the side-project of Zombi's drummer A.E. Paterra, and under this new guise he has one album to his name: 2009's "Timespan"; Sankt Otten are a German duo who have been working together for well over a decade, have put out several EPs and four albums together, including "Morgen Wieder Lustig" which was released, almost to the day, a year ago.

Clearly, one act is more experienced in this ambient genre than the other. Rather than shy away from this fact, it has been acknowledged in the form of Sankt Otten having four of the eight songs to themselves, with Majeure getting three and then the final track being a collaboration between the two.

It's Majeure and his three to welcome us into this split, beginning with "Moonbow". Patterns of electronic, echoing beats atop one another create the illusion of rain-fall, and in comparison to other songs it's the most simple effort here. As an opener, it serves its purpose of introducing the listener and welcoming them to what will be on offer. "The Traveler" retains some of the characteristics of the song that preceded it, but also delves into a world of futuristic bouncing that thrives on the coat tails of more textured production.

Being in this game as long as they have, Sankt Otten's side was always going to be fuller, more complicated, and the production even grander, but while initially more challenging than Majeure, it arguably makes for a more rewarding listen in the long-run. "Es ist nicht alles Gott was glänzt" is ten minutes of flawlessly produced daunting ambience that changes in shape and sound enough to keep the listener interested.

I am by no means an expert on this trip-hop/ambient/electronica genre so I have no idea just how similar this may sound to their heroes Kraftwerk - maybe that's why I am fond of it - but I have found this split album to be nothing less than a solid listen that, with a fair amount of patience, becomes more appealing over time as you begin to notice more and more each artist has to offer.

Download: The Traveler, Es ist nicht alles Gott was glänzt
For The Fans of: Kraftwerk, Zombi
Listen: Majeure Myspace/Sankt Otten Myspace

Release Date 07.01.2011
Denovali Records

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