A Love Ends Suicide

In The Disaster

Written by: AP on 23/08/2006 13:57:12

When I'd rather turn the music off to concentrate on the review, I know there is something wrong with the record. And when the metalcore scene is already overpopulated with very similar acts trying to take their share of the big bite, it is difficult to find those true gems that occasionally appear and lead the way.

Unfortunately for this Californian five-piece act, their debute album "In The Disaster" succeeds only in blending in. It is a work of formulaic and repetative music that lacks the necessary originality to really shine. Of course A Love Ends Suicide is fine as it is, very metalcore, but the inability to master their own unique sound ensures that the record is one of those that sounds great on the opening track, then continues to sound like the opening track, and finishes by sounding like the opening track, and ultimately finds itself lying on the bottom shelf where it will most likely never be rediscovered.

The first impression of the album is that it sounds extremely melodic. And it is. It is pure melody topped by hardcore screaming. Even though melody is an essential aspect of metalcore, we still expect it to contain metal, and "In The Disaster" simply doesn't. It's "Bleeding Mascara" over and over and over again.

All the mockery aside, this band does show some promise. The album is technically quite good, and the musicianship is excellent. I trust that while their career progresses, their style will follow and eventually define the band. A Love Ends Suicide is, of course, a very new band with plenty of time to establish themselves. For now, it's back to the studio, boys.


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Release date 11.09.2006
Metal Blade
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