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Bringing The War Home EP

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Reno, Nevada-based Cobra Skulls own the quintessential Fat Wreck Chords punk rock sound. They are well produced, yet tastefully raw in the ringing of their guitars, and own that no-frills, straight-forward punk rock sound that relies half-and-half on melody and intelligent lyrics. They are also much cleaner than their Hot Water Music inspired brethren and carry far less (audible) emotion in general, but on the contrary they make up for any discrepancies with a sound and tight execution that's full of urgency and immediacy - this without necessarily the need for an intensely hardcore rooted sound.

Their inspirations are thus also fairly obvious: you'll hear mostly a combination of the three chord punk from old schoolers like Bad Religion or Swingin' Utters, but also hits and nuances of bands like The Lawrence Arms and Dead To Me. That's why it's surprising to discover "Bringing The War Home" EP being their very first release on said label, having released a couple of full lengths on Red Scare in the past. But then again, you have a couple of clean rockers on the EP such as "Life In Vain", which recalls newer Against Me! material with its pop-oriented approach to punk songwriting and an overall bright and positive sound.

Overall though, the four tracks here and the faithful Bad Religion cover "Give You Nothing" present a tight and driving punk rock mixture, one that should be a non-brainer for any fan of the Fat Wreck roster in general. The songs are catchy, but not obviously so, demonstrating replay value as they won't hit you properly before a couple of listens. Hook-laden, poppy, but still very punk rock, Cobra Skulls is a band that should be a lot bigger than they are.


Download: Ice In The Night, Life In Vain
For the fans of: Dead To Me, The Lawrence Arms, Swingin' Utters
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Release date 18.01.2011
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