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NadiaN are a Spanish unit specializing in electronic post-hardcore, neoncore, or whatever it is they call synth and dance-oriented scenecore these days. They claim their influences as Escape The Fate and Blessed By A Broken Heart, which isn't too far off considering how closely their clean vocals follow the dynamics of the former (and Lostprophets for that matter) and how their overall sound is inspired by the disco metal of the latter, but really what we're looking at here is much closer to the Brits who started it all: Enter Shikari.

NadiaN use far more screaming than the latter (even growling in places) on their new EP "Save Your Last Dance". It tends to be of the coarse and slightly uncontrollable kind you have probably ran across on a Greeley Estates record in the past, usually coinciding with some br00tal breakdowns where the tempo of the song is slowed down to a crawl. Not to worry, though, this record isn't at all like the one-chord breakdown horror that is Attack Attack!, or the electronica mess of Abandon All Ships.

But it isn't much better either.

While NadiaN certainly deserve credit for adopting a more organic flow to their music, especially in the synths and in the purposeful avoidance of vocoder and overdose of auto-tune in vocals, a ton of work is still ahead of this young band. For starters, lots of the synth parts consist of cool Eurodance bits taking you back to the Enter Shikari debut, with "New Wasted Generation" functioning as a much-needed refresher of how synthcore used to sound good when breakdowns weren't infesting the sound, but the songwriting stumbles when it comes to the instrumentals. The connecting parts between the happy synth sections and the heavier post-hardcore bits simply aren't there, and as a result, many of the songs sound really off as they jump from one sequence to another.

Secondly, out of the five tracks on the EP, only a couple are worth writing home about, and even these need heavy work in terms of production, timing, tightness, and that sort of thing. All hope is not lost, though, because once NadiaN fix these problems, undoubtedly given some time to further develop their sound, we'll have a much better record in our hands. For now, the verdict is: wait for the next release.

Download: New Wasted Generation
For the fans of: Enter Shikari, Blessed By The Broken Heart, Greeley Estates
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Release date 2010

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