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Despite owning a rather deathcore-esque name, Sweden's Facebreaker (housing Scar Symmetry's Roberth on vocals) play death metal faithful to the origins of the genre in their country: brutal, and straight-forward, with no added bullshit or unnecessary technical flair. Just simple, rollicking serpentine riffs that rival Six Feet Under in their simplicity.

That's sort of the point with old school Swedish DM anyway. Pummeling, unmelodic, concise cuts of traditional death metal, and that's exactly what Facebreaker offer for the listener: a safe retreat to the roots of the genre if you've grown tired of the more modern, technical or melodic branches the genre has since moved towards. Fans of bands like Dismember, Grave, Unleashed, Suffocation, Bloodbath et al will find this enjoyable, though the retrospective / revivalist (choose one) take on the genre is unoriginal to the extent of annoyance, at least to this scribe. How many other old school DM bands referencing the revered Swedish sound have we heard putting out albums in the last 12 months alone? At least one per month, if not more, and as such the effect of Facebreaker is limited, even though their execution of the genre is otherwise of high quality within the particular style.

For the fans of: Dismember, Grave, Suffocation, Unleashed, Bloodbath

Download: Waiting For The Pain
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Release date 29.10.2010
Cyclone Empire / Metal Blade

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