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Written by: TL on 12/01/2011 14:17:20

Tell me, do any of you readers ever long for the days when the likes of Oasis and Kasabian were the bands of the now? Because in that case, I might have something for you here, in a review of "Above All...", the debut album from British quintet The Truths (not the most imaginative name in the world though, I know). These guys may label themselves as psychedelic rock on their myspace page, but judging from the sound of the album, I'd say they sound as 90's britrock as can be, with Kasabian immediately galloping into my mind as a just comparison.

Their twelve songs predominantly come at you at mid-tempo, driven by riffs clearly inspired by acid-tripping 60s/70s rock, and championed by sharp vocals with a distinct British accent, sounding very slightly distorted, a bit like they were being sung through a megaphone. The good news for the band is that they are convincing enough to not sound like some sort of second-hand tribute band to the progenitors of the style, and that their songs are mostly catchy enough to be fairly easily recognised after only a few listens.

The bad news is that The Truths hardly bring any kind of novelty to a genre that has arguably been dead in the water for almost a decade, and that there also isn't much to be found in the way of variety over the course of "Above All...". The songs sound roughly the same, and while decent, my foremost impression is that they sound like Kasabian, except Kasabian's occasional hits are unquestionably much better. These guys have their work cut out for them, if they have any ambitions of standing apart from their influences, and making a name for themselves in the 2010's.

Download: Everybody's Crying Inside, What Fuels
For The Fans Of: Kasabian, Oasis

Release Date 29.09.2010
** Self-Released**

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