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Written by: PP on 11/01/2011 15:36:30

Dubstep electronica hardcore nu-rave screamo scenecore? What the fuck is this stuff? As far-out as that description might come across, it's pretty much exactly how Abandon All Ships sound like on their new album "Geeving", a ridiculous blend of influences from at least the following bands and styles: Enter Shikari, Attack Attack!, eurodance, auto-tune scenecore, crabcore, and so forth. They're basically attempting to capitalize on every single trend in the corner of the scene which is obsessed with what is perceived to be 'cool' to the extent of lunatic desperation.

And so, "Geeving" is a contrived album consisting of 70% one chord breakdowns, 20% electronic nu-rave dance sounds and neon effects, 5% autotune and 5% br00tal screaming, gang-screamed or otherwise. To some, this'll of course be the greatest thing to have manifested since the fictional second coming of Christ, but to most of us the constant bombardment of dubstep beats and eurodance synths on top of auto-tune and simplistic breakdowns sounds, frankly, retarded. That's not take anything away from actually good bands doing something similar (see: Rolo Tomassi, for instance), but bands like Abandon All Ships are no different from Attack Attack!'s and Blood On The Dancefloor's of the music world: they exist to enable us to point-and-laugh just like we did back in primary school at kids wearing stupid clothes.

That being said, and this is a long stretch requiring utmost concentration and unbias from my side, I do admit to taking a distant liking to a few of the melodies present in the songs. This mostly occurs when the band avoids breakdowns and writes actual riffs, reinforcing these with super catchy dance-synths on the background. It is also the reason why I can't bin this band and tear their record to shreds, because like it or not, there are a few solid melodies found within this mess, which makes them a lot better than Attack Attack!, for instance...that they debuted at #27 on Billboard is scary, though. Enter Shikari, this is all your fault.

Download: When Dreams Become Nightmares
For the fans of: Attack Attack!, Enter Shikari, neonsynthcore
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Release date 05.10.2010
Universal Music Canada / Rise Records

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