Elysian Born

Magisterium EP

Written by: PP on 25/12/2010 03:06:48

Okay, seriously. You can't start the promo material for a young band's ep by claiming that their new EP ("Magisterium") is Metallica, Lamb of God and Pantera all in one. You just can't do it. It'll attract us reviewers to inspect the details of the record with a microscope, and jump at the smallest incoherency or questionable compositional decision and claim "bullshit". It's fine to aim high like that in private, but don't let the world know you're the next big thing, or you most likely won't be. That is the unfortunate fate of Worcestershire, UK-based brutal metalcore band Elysian Born. The taller you are, the harder you'll fall, they say.

Anyway, it's clear that these UK fellas have been heavily influenced by the near-monotone-but-still-brilliant metalcore of current scene leaders (or close ones anyway) Architects, just without the underlying melody and songwriting ability that gave the latter such critical acclaim. Architects understood from the ground up that in order to be brutal yet still successful, you need to integrate solid melody that'll reel in the scene kids like moths to flame, and then you can continue pounding away relentlessly like before. This lesson is lost on Elysian Born, whose melodies are so thin and unrecognizable here that they are of no good value to the listener. Instead, you're treated to approximately 20 minutes' worth of monotone metalcore whose only purpose seems to be as brutal and noise-obsessed as humanly possible. They achieve this without resorting into breakdowns, sure, but without strong melody lines driving the songs forward, the songs just come across bland and, in all honesty, a little bit pointless. My ears are bleeding.


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Release date 22.11.2010

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