Slimy Cunt & The Fist Fucks

Bastards EP

Written by: PP on 16/12/2010 07:18:37

In the series of "worst band names in the history of the music industry", SCFF have a fair chance of competing somewhere in the top 10 region with other juvenile and graphic band names referring to genitalia or sexual acts. Seriously, can you imagine getting on stage night after night and announcing "Evening folks, we're SLIMY CUNT AND THE FIST FUCKS, give it up!!" It's a shame they own such a repulsive name, because their brand of old school hardcore isn't half bad.

There are four short tracks here that faithfully render 80s style hardcore like it never went away. I suppose it didn't considering the sheer amount of such bands on the Patac Records roster, of similar artists from there I'd name Psycho, Revilers and Antibodies as similar bands to these guys. In practice, it means SCFF play straight forward, no-frills hardcore consisting of three chords and rough, but oddly catchy vocals. Think back to Black Flag and just make it sound less good and you're just about there. The songs do own a healthy amount of melody, however, and especially the explosive start to "I Did It" is pretty good, so there's no reason to be harsh on the guys. Good, old-styled hardcore, so if you like that scene, check it out.

Download: I Did It
For the fans of: Antibodies, Psycho, Revilers
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Release date 16.03.2010
Patac Records

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