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The Music Of Artisanship & War Volume III

Written by: PP on 16/12/2010 05:51:22

"The Music Of Artisanship & War" is an all-Canadian compilation series created by Diminished Fifth Records that has now reached the third volume in the series. It seems to be designed for promotion of mostly East Coast bands from Canada as far as I can tell, not limited to just one genre but actually featuring everything from rock'n'roll and punk/hardcore to melodeath and straight up metal. The focus, however, is in the more metallic type of stuff given Diminished Fifth's label profile.

Don't fret if you don't know many of the bands found on this compilation. It mostly consists of middle-tier acts, with The Motorleague, Black Moor, We The Undersigned, and Last Call Chernobyl probably being the ones that could ring a bell with any of you. There are twenty-one bands giving it their best shot with what I must assume is their best individual track, which is good, because the vast majority of these bands have released mostly average albums and EPs, explaining their less-than-high profile in the music scene at large. I've had the chance to check out and review about half of the records by the bands on this compilation, and whilst only a few have grabbed my attention, nearly all of them have had at least one or two good-to-great songs that warrant inclusion on a compilation such as this one.

Here's a few highlights you should start with. North End Metal All-Stars open the compilation with a joyous power/speed/technical metal sound that brings to mind Dragonforce, except with semi-growled, melodic vocals instead. Their track "The Ballad Of Drunkenforce" is mad-catchy, even though I suspect it pokes fun at the power metal mammoths. Then you've got The Motorleague's uncompromising attitude to rumble-n-roll with "I Let It Go", which should immediately bring to mind Motörhead. Metalcore stuff like Orchid's Curse (review soon) sounds good as well thanks to semi-growled vocals adding some nice melody on the background.

However, it's stuff like Rusted Dawn, the generic stoner rock of Broken Ohms, the sludge of Gallactus, et al that pulls this compilation down in value. That said, there are 21 tracks on offer here, and the vast majority of them are good. If you'd like to check out the health fo the Canadian East Coast metal scene, this is as good of a start as any.


Download: North End Metal All-Stars "The Ballad Of Drunkenforce", The Motorleague "Let It Go"
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Release date 21.09.2010
Diminished Fifth Records

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