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Holy moley, if all death metal bands wrote riffs like those Hate present in "Lux Aeterna", we wouldn't have a problem with crap like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga existing and being popular in the mainstream, because everyone would simply be listening to death metal instead. Fuck me, the riffs here are amazing, if you didn't catch my drift from the opening sentence already, and anyone choosing not to check out this album should not call themselves a metal fan. "Erebros" is the real deal, a completely unique, inventive and superb death metal album from start to finish, hailed by many as the finest album the Polish band has put out to date.

Thick, organic, layered death metal riffs pummel and mutilate their way through to your skull like an unstoppable freight train loaded with highly unstable nitroglycerin. The train is operated by Hate's two guitarists and their exceptional drummer, whose patterns are down-right incredible at times, and the only way they won't ram that dangerous object into a school full of children is for you to meet their demands. And their demands are as follows: bang your fucking head until your neck breaks. A simple requirement, you might presume, but with the sheer abundance of killer riffage throughout the album, I'd be surprised you'll make it halfway without needing to take a week or two's worth of resting time.

Now, such an approach is typical in the death metal scene. You have your serpentine riff and blast-beat hell as the building blocks of the whole genre. But this is where Hate differs and dares to try something different. They integrate plenty of modern discordance and atmospheric riffage to contrast the uncompromising death metal approach that they otherwise have. Oh, and their version of the serpentine riff is almost futuristic in nature, for so good they are. Did I mention they have amazing riffs yet in this review?

Most importantly, "Erebos" is an extremely original album. It draws its inspiration from bands like Behemoth, Decapitated, Gojira, and Nile (a wide variety of styles for sure), but it's by no means a copy, or even a distant cousin of the mentioned bands. The quality of the riffs, and the overall arrangement of the whole soundscape into a tight, but yet ambitiously daring and enriched space is what makes Hate so good. Man, even if you don't like death metal per se, "Erebos" is one of the best albums in the genre I've heard in a long time, capable of impressing even those not usually associated with the genre.

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Release date 15.11.2010
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