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Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts

Written by: MY on 12/08/2006 00:15:37

Once upon a time there was a band called Lacrimas Profundere. The band that was founded in 1993 by guitarist Oliver Schmid, strongly influenced by doom metal, in the veins of Theater Of Tragedy.. at that time.. After releasing two albums, with a new record deal and the addition of new musicians to the line-up, the band's influences were changed a little bit, so the band started to sound more like My Dying Bride.. at that time.. With the release of their fourth album, "Burning A Wish", Lacrimas Profundere burned the wishes of their fans who wanted them to remain the same direction in music. "Burning A Wish" was the band's first album to receive attention from the international press but was sounding like Anathema more than Lacrimas Profundere so the band's new influence was Anathema.. at that time.. And on July 7th 2007, the band returned with their new album, "Filthy Notes For F rozen Hearts", and with a new influence: H.I.M.

"Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts" was produced by John Fryer, who also worked with H.I.M., Paradise Lost and Cradle of Filth, and to be honest the production is the only good thing on the album. There are 13 songs that have the same characteristics: pop-friendly, simplistic, no growls, a standard-fare monotone deep male voice, melancholic, very melancholic, very very melancholic. "Sad Theme For A Marriage", the mostly acoustic piece is the one and only track to refresh the listener’s mind, and let them listen to something original, a different song.

So Lacrimas Profundere is doing Rock And Sad nowadays and the only thing really remarkable about "Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts" is that it didn't originate from Finland. Fans of the style might take a listen to the album however there are many great bands doing much better music. Only time can tell if Lacrimas Profundere will change their musical direction again, but actually they are the only gothic metal band that I wouldn't get surprised to see influence Lamb Of God and release a metalcore album.


Download: My Velvet Little Darkness, Sad Theme For A Marriage
For the fans of: H.I.M., 69 Eyes
Listen: Lacrimas Profundere@MySpace

Release date: 10.07.2006
Napalm Records
Provided by Target ApS

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