Kill The Client

Set For Extinction

Written by: PP on 19/11/2010 20:09:42

It's fucking miserable outside. It's maybe 1-2 degrees, pissing down like a monsoon, and the wind blowing in your face feels like a freaking hurricane. That's where Kill The Client comes in with their brooding, unrelenting form of straightforward grindcore, perfectly set for the disgusting weather outside. I had to wake up at 7:30 this morning to cycle through said weather to go to class, but I didn't mind, "Set For Extinction" was powering every step of my mind, providing horrific imagery and brutal energy as if to tell me "fuck you, you don't have it that bad". Basically what I am saying is that prepare your ears for an absolute rough, lo-fi grindcore assault when you set this album on, cause if you're not prepared, Kill The Client will mow you down without looking back.

Much like their fellow Relapse grindcore colleagues i Phobia, Kill The Client also utilize two vocalists. One of them owns a distorted growl that oftentimes makes the soundscape break and crackle underneath his brutal growl, while the other one screaming in similarly ear-bleeding fashion. Together, they add the needed variation to boost Kill The Client above lower-tier grindcore acts, but not much further. The instrumental side to this band is a mess, you see. You can of course tell that they are grinding their hearts out at ridiculous speeds and at a reasonable technical level, but the lo-fi production drowns any details underneath it and produces a wall of a sound not easily penetrated even by the most trained of grindcore listeners. There are a few decent attempts at riffs, but these are difficult to spot given the messy soundscape, which is the biggest stumbling stone of this record.

Again, it's not bad by any means, it's merely a standard grindcore outing with less than desireable production. It follows the guidelines set by Brutal Truth from start to finish, but fails to reach similar level of quality as Phobia or many other upper-tier grindcore acts. Not bad though, put it on when the weather is giving you hell and you cannot avoid being outside, as for that purpose alone it is excellent.

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Release date 26.10.2010

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