Serenity Dies

Hacksawcracy EP

Written by: PP on 12/10/2010 16:42:20

Maldives is a chain of islands somewhere in the Indian ocean about to suffer the fate of Atlantis: thanks to a continuing rise in sea levels, the lowest country on earth will be underwater by the end of this century unless they figure out a way to stop it. Otherwise, the place is known to be a paradise for travelers, with lengthy, white palm beaches and crystal clear waters. Apparently, not everyone is happy about living in a paradise, hence a group of individuals formed a nu-thrash band, calling it aptly Serenity Dies. They've previously self-released some stuff that nobody really paid attention to outside Asia, but "Hacksawcracy EP" is their first effort to make their presence known world wide.

The sound is fairly easy to identify as one inspired by Metallica and partly Megadeth, albeit from the melodic eras of these two bands. The thrashy guitars have a similar modern twist to them as Trivium, and they are played tightly and with rigour throughout. Harsh, Hetfield-inspired clean vocals dominate the mix, whilst guest appearances from, Rob Caggiano (Anthrax) and Mikko Salovaara (Kiuas) bring some ear candy in the form of soloing on a couple of tracks. On paper, this should translate into an awesome release at least if you're a Trivium fan at all, but that is certainly not the case here. Somewhere in the midst of masturbating over their talent in writing melodic thrash riffs and angry vocal structures, the band namely forgot that instrumental prowess does not always a good song make. Most songs drag on way too long, beyond the five minute mark, without ever featuring anything as much as a climax for the listener to hang onto. It wouldn't be fair to call the songs terrible, because their playing talent alone redeems the band from absolute disaster, but they're exactly the kind of songs that come in from the left ear and leave straight out the other one without making any impression whatsoever. Distinctly average, is what I'd call these songs.


Download: Psycho Ride
For the fans of: Metallica, Megadeth, Trivium
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Release date 15.07.2010

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