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Identity Theft EP

Written by: TL on 10/10/2010 16:31:11

Moving on through my enourmous review list, let's pick up a few unknown releases from the pile. In deciding to call their band Baby Scream, and in deciding to send their "Identity Theft EP" in to us for review, you could guess that the four Argentinians in this outfit would like to play some noisy rock music. You would be wrong however, as evident already from track one of the disc, which, along with the following four, gives me an acid-trip-Beatles-meets-Bob-Dylan kind of vibe, with vocals and instruments both sounding like a throwback to the 60's.

Now, that's a fair starting point for a band to built songs around, but while I would tell you that these first five songs are the best of the EP, that's not saying a lot, because honestly the most interesting thing I can think of saying about them, is that they aren't very interesting at all. The only reason I refer to them as the highlights is that the last two songs bore me even more. You see, over the course of the EP, Baby Scream move from a chilled out soundscape held up by a few moments of folky dramatics, into a couple of tracks that sounds mostly like the kind of music that accompanies the kind of 'no-stress' videos you can find on youtube, where all you'll hear is the sound of waves and a drowsy ukulele.

I'm sure that there are people out there who can find things to appreciate about Baby Scream that are entirely beyond my meager understanding, because after all, "Identity Theft" is not exactly dumb, poorly performed, or in other ways terrible, it is merely utterly and entirely un-exciting. Save for "Dead Woman Walking", everything here has me struggling to stay attentive, and unfortunately for Baby Scream, I can't for the life of me imagine that any reader of this particular site could be interested in this kind of music.


Download: Dead Woman Walking
For The Fans Of: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, very very chilled out music

Release Date January 2010
OK! Records

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