We're All Just Passing Through

Bedroom Recordings Volume 1

Written by: TL on 06/10/2010 15:34:21

Okay so apparently it's becoming more of a rule than an exception for me to get dragged away from reviewing for extended periods these days, and I must admit that I'm a little tired of coming back and telling you not to worry because from "now on things will be much better, just need to find my momentum". Truth is that I'm just busier and more jaded than ever, so you guys are going to have to live with what I can squeeze into the odd quiet moment for a while.

Speaking of which, here's a release that it's taken me a fair amount of discipline to listen to, let alone write about. And no, it's not because "Bedroom Recordings Volume 1" by We're All Just Passing Through is a train wreck of a record, in fact, if you look at it with its title in mind, it's a fairly decent offering of simplistic song writing, devoid of any delusions of grandeur or expensive-sounding production tricks. The band is a one man project, featuring a dude called Travis Johnides on acoustic guitar and vocals, helped out by a friend on drums and what I assume is his sisters on vocals, and the three songs on offer are slightly indie/emo-tinged, traditional acoustic bits, with choruses that are easy to pick up on.

The problem for me honestly is that this is so contently low-profile, I have a hard time finding the motivation to put it on. I realize not everyone can change lives and make rock'n'roll history, but I feel like I'd rather listen to someone who at least sounds like they're giving it a shot. We're All Just Passing Through doesn't do that, rather this three-track sounds exactly like its title would make you think it sounds. Like a couple of songs recorded in the bedroom with your sisters singing along in places, which you have no greater ambition than to play for maybe a handful of people in a local bar.

So, basically what's on offer here is technically fine, both in terms of playing and singing. However, the songs, despite being easy to listen to, are likely to vanish from your mind as soon as this disc is over. Mr. Johnides proves with this recording that he can put songs and a release together, but if you ask me, I say he has yet to figure out what's going to make an audience want to listen.

Download: Nobody Picks A Fist Fight In New York City
For The Fans Of: Paper The Operator; Into It, Over It
Listen: myspace.com/werealljustpassingthrough

Release Date May 2010
Saddle Creek Records

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