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On Record With...The Hacks EP

Written by: PP on 05/10/2010 02:36:56

Note to bands and PR agencies alike: if you want to impress a reviewer, it's a great idea to include a few sheets of A4-sized information about teh band, colour photographs, a business card and other goodies. It's just like attempting to distinguish yourself from other candidates when seeking a job, be it by calling the employer or composing a particularly witty writing style to your application. That's precisely what British rock trio The Hacks have done here - or rather their management, but whatever - when promoting their debut EP "On Record With...The Hacks". When you go through five or six bands a day on a slow week, something like this really makes your band stick out from the gray mass. It's a great shame that musically, the EP fails to invoke similar feelings in its listener.

The Hacks traverse through several decades of music history in a curious combination of 50s/60s themed guitars and rockabilly elements, but essentially they are a standard British rock band with the typical touch of indie rock flavour on top. It's an interesting proposition, which borrows from the likes of The Peacocks and, intriguingly enough, Aussie rockers Jet (think "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"?), while sounding a little like our local Danish bar room heroes Racing Decay. There's just one problem, though. The songs just aren't good enough. They've got energy aplenty, thick, vibrant bass-lines driving them forward, and twangy guitars reminding you of the good ol' days, but they lack hit potential. While not every band needs to be chasing the charts, rockabilly bands even less so, it's still a problem when the tracks don't contain enough incentive for the listener to return to them. The truth is, we've heard precisely the same sort of thing as The Hacks done much better elsewhere.

Download: I'll See You Right, That Girl
For the fans of: The Peacocks, Jet, Racing Decays, The Living End
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Release date 16.08.2010

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