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Warvictims originate from Gothenburg, Sweden, but rest assured they have nothing to do with melodeath or anything melodic at all for that matter. They specialize in a genre I often dub simply as 'rumble metal', characterized by a relentless d-beat and crusty, 'rolling' riffs inspired by the old school hardcore scene. It's too fast and thrashy to be pigeonholed into any hardcore subgenre, but equally distant from your typical crossover and thrash metal bands. Some fans have opted to label their latest album "Domedagen" as 'd-beat apocalypse' and 'raw brutal d-beat hell with funeral vocals', but more specifically, they feel like a cross-breed between seminal old school crusters Discharge and the snarling death metal of fellow Swedes Entombed.

For the entirety of "Domedagen", a breakneck pace is upheld leaving the listener absolutely no room to breathe. The vocalist's hardcore roar is thick and furious, occasionally drawing parallels to some older Napalm Death releases. This helps create an omnipresent anarchist mood together with the ugly nature of their sound overall, which is more or less exactly what you're looking for in d-beat hardcore/metal, or 'rumble metal' if you will. There are no surprises on "Domedagen", it's simply paying its respect to the old school classics by trying to closely imitate the same sound without pushing the envelope into any direction, really. In the context of that niché subgenre, Warvictims do a splendid job at re-creating the insane underground atmosphere found in these sorts of shows a little over a decade ago. No points for originality or ambition, however.

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Release date 06.04.2010
Crimes Against Humanity

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