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Written by: TL on 20/09/2010 17:30:41

A couple of weeks ago, our dear editor pointed out a few releases that had been sitting on my waiting list for a bit too long, and asked that I gave them priority, and although I immediately promised to do so, I also immediately hit a speed bump. Maybe my reluctance to get around was sort of a dark foresight, because all that really happened after initial listens to the records in question, was that they gained the same status as that long overdue piece of homework you've been putting off again and again.

The first name to fall into this unfavourable category, is Greene Reveal. A moniker that covers a young American four-piece that seem to take cues from Circa Survive and Flood Of Red, filling their songs with twangy guitars, youthful vocals and spacey atmospheres. Occasionally, it seems like inspirations from early Circa or Thursday find their way into the songs, but I find the band's shortcoming in these 'noisier' parts lack of ability to up the level of intensity of the songs. Everything simply seems to float, with the gap between quieter and louder parts virtually non-existent.

It is true that it is possible to wind an experimental sound such as this one, up into great and memorable moments (as Circa Survive have shown time and time again), but such moments seem utterly absent from "Reshape", the band's first LP. In fact, the only part I expect to carry on post-review, is the main riff of track four, "Hourglass", and that is for the mere fact that it sounds more than a little like the signature one in "In The Morning And Amazing".

Overall, I'm not keen on tearing Greene Reveal down too much, because they seem to be capable in terms of both singing, playing and producing, while even avoiding stylistic blind alleys or pitfalls, but the fact remains that I'm not feeling any of their songs, not even a little bit. Hence, while this record is no display of poor musicianship or artistry, it is still the kind of record that has me thinking about listening to something else before it is even halfway through its playing time.


Download: Hourglass
For The Fans Of: Circa Survive, Flood Of Red, Thursday at their most calm moments

Release Date 04.05.2010

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