Hurtownia Przebiśniegów

Written by: PP on 13/09/2010 21:22:22

Despite spending endless sessions together with Polish band Uda and their new album "Hurtownia Przebiesniegow", I haven't figured out the following: one, what the album title, or any track title for that matter translates to, and two, why this record is in public existence in the first place. The former is due to general laziness (Google Translate anyone?) but the latter, yeah, lets talk about the latter.

Uda label themselves as a progressive rock band, but what we're really dealing with is a real life jam band that makes the dreaded Red Hot Chili Peppers performance at Roskilde Festival a couple of years ago feel like an enjoyable experience. The 'songs' consist of jazzy, funky, smooth progressive sessions with a few spoken word vocals thrown in sparingly in order to offer at least a couple of tangible points for the listener to attach to. But no matter how deep I dig on the album, it just comes across as a collection of jam sessions instead of real tracks. Frankly, it just doesn't work for the regular listener, or even a progressive rock fan for that matter.

Many of the guitar techniques and ideas used suggest that this is a guitarist's album more than anything else, so maybe this is a niché Uda can appeal to. I'm sure it's a great experience for the band itself, who seem to be telepathically playing together, bouncing their own ideas off each other's skills to see what sort of sonic elements appear, but for the music fan or the casual listener, there's nothing here to warrant a purchase - or even an illegal download.


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Release date 2010
Dziewoslab Records

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