Death I Can Hear You Calling But I Can't Come Home Rite Now

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Rite, originally from Mikkeli, Finland, have been a band for long time now, having formed all the way back in 1994. It took nearly a decade for the band to release their first full length, though, and even in 2010, only three Rite full lengths are in existence, the latest one being the hilariously titled, "Death I Can Hear You Calling But I Can't Come Home Rite Now" that was released two years ago. I see what you did there on the second last word. Anyway, the record is a fairly straight forward and to the point stoner metal album that prides itself on a muscular, macho sound brought by dirt-ridden guitars and the raw yell of the band's vocalist, who isn't very good now that we're talking about him. Something about his primal rage irks me off, probably because it offers just a teeny weeny bit of melody but not enough to make a proper difference.

Strictly stoner the album is not, however, as influences from metal, punk and hardcore rear their ugly heads at most opportune moments. "Man Or Maggot", for instance, draws its inspiration from hardcore. The melodic guitar lines come from seemingly out of the blue and have a very specific effect on the band: they make Rite sound like a hardcore band, even if it's just for a moment before it's time for another stoner rock solo. Elsewhere, you have a track like "Meanwhile In Hell", a doomy piece that would make old school Black Sabbath proud of their heritage. Mostly, however, it's high octane stoner rock with groovy guitars all the way. Case in point, the rock'n'roll sounding "If I Had A Heart".

The guitars are down tuned and fuzzy, and the overall soundscape bears all the features one would associate to a 'dirty' sound. And this is essentially the problem with the whole album (as if I'm going to repeat a title that long). It's too dirty, too stoner, too inaccessible. Aside from a couple of bright spots, the listener is left largely to his own as the band pummel through unfriendly, rash songs with almost complete disregard to their potential audience. I suppose most of this is attributed to their mediocre vocalist, who isn't able to deliver a memorable vocal section even when offered perfect momentum by solid instrumentals in places.

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Release date 08.10.2008
Longfellow Deeds Records

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