36 Crazyfists

Rest Inside The Flames

Written by: PP on 11/07/2006 00:36:30

There's something terribly wrong with the screamo scene if it takes a nu-metal band to come in and show 'em how it's done. Or maybe that's exactly why 36 Crazyfists sounds so fresh in the midst of the Across Five Aprils' and Emery's of today. Their previous album "A Snow Capped Romance", while having some screamo influences, leaned heavily on the dying nu-metal scene with songs like "Bloodwork" and "Waterhaul" in the forefront.

On "Rest Inside The Flames", they have taken a visibly (or sonically) different stance on their sound, and have incorporated far more screamo elements than before. For instance, the strong opening track "I'll Go Until My Heart Stops" is almost entirely screamed out loud much like "Felt Through A Phone Line", and it's a welcomed change from the rather tiresome vocal structures on the previous album. The koRn influence is still clearly visible in the riffs, so instead of attempting to be overly complex with the riffs - a habit which plagues most of the new metalcore bands today - they take use of what some may call 'talentless' powerchord/chord based riffage. Solos are almost non existant on the album, but that doesn't bother you at all because the simple riffs are effective and inject much more power to the heartscraping screams in tracks like "The Great Descent".

Overall, "Rest Inside The Flames" is leaps better than "A Snow Capped Romance", and is almost able to compete with the best of the best in the screamo scene. Of course they aren't Alexisonfire or UnderOATH by any means, but it's enjoyable and lasts much longer in a constant rotation than most bands today.


Download: The Great Descent, I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
For the fans of: Hopesfall, A Static Lullaby, A Thorn For Every Heart, Element Eighty
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Release date 13.06.2006
Roadrunner Records

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