It Likes To Party EP

Written by: PP on 11/08/2010 16:30:49

It has been six years since the previous Hot Water Music album was released, but yet copying their anthemic brand of post-hardcore meets punk rock has never been as cool as it is today. There are more bands playing 'HWM hardcore' than I care to count, and Atlanta's Campaign are but a drop in the ocean of such bands with their new EP "It Likes To Party". That being said, nearly all of these bands, Campaign included, tend to sound very good despite shamelessly copying the cherished sound of a said band. Because when anthemic (early) post-hardcore is done right, you can't help but enjoy the result.

"I think I've hit rock bottom on a Monday night" roars vocalist Josh Kimmel in a manner very familiar to any HWM fan. His voice is one of the closest matches I've heard to Chuck Ragan/Chris Wollard combo on "Caution". The instrumentals follow suit, contrasting the gruff vocal work with dynamic leads packed with melody and complex leads that drive the songs forward. Close parallels are also drawn to Small Brown Bike; there are moments where Campaign sound like the missing link between the two genre heavy weights, connecting the dots between the anthemic elements of Hot Water Music and the emotionally charged delivery of the former. So you can't credit Campaign for being particularly original, but it's no biggie considering how good many of their songs are. "Wormwood" plays with tremendous energy given by it's punk rock speed and woo-hoo backing vocals, and "Best Of Luck" is drenched in rough melody that should make any Midwestern punk fan soil his pants. So if it's Hot Water Music-styled music you're looking for, Campaign do a very good job at being almost as good as the original legends without quite achieving the same momentum, despite five excellent songs on offer here. Be on the lookout for these guys in the future, though.


Download: Bored To Death, Wormwood
For the fans of: Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike
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Release date 20.04.2010

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