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Theory Of Endless Sacrifice EP

Written by: PP on 09/08/2010 22:15:51

It's been nearly half a year since Bad More Ending released their debut EP "Theory Of Endless Sacrifice" (excluding a promo EP 10 years ago), the objective of which was to land the band a good record deal and to allow them to play a bunch of new shows in and around Italy. To my knowledge, they're still traversing the country label-less, but considering I've heard many worse bands on decent-size labels in the past, maybe that'll change soon. Especially because their approach to thrash metal leans towards modern influences rather than a revivalist one. It's not exactly super-trendy, but the clean guitar hooks and the sparingly used clean vocals throw Bad More Ending smack down in the middle of the metalcore genre, bringing All That Remains and perhaps also Killswitch Engage to mind, even if just for a moment.

But most of the time, their music juggles right in between Lamb Of God-style, Southern-driven macho metal - also known as 'groovecore' in some circles - and brutal metalcore of the heaviest kind. Think bands like Chimaira, or even 'proper' metal bands like Machine Head, lets just call it 'modern thrash metal'. Their vocalist screams with a similar roar to especially the former's vocalist, delivering a ravaging, thick expression that's definitely the highlight of the whole EP. Potential spotted right away from the first track, by the way. The guitars, on the otherhand, feature precisely the sort of muscular and groovy assault as the one trademarked by Lamb Of God. The point seems to be to keep things brutal all around to construct a tight, crushing soundscape. This works to the band's advantage and makes them more interesting than most Italian bands I've come across. Many grooves might also make you think of Pantera, only a heavier version, despite the mild crossover vibe brought by the hardcore-style vocals.

The riffs are technically proficient and mostly interesting enough to carry the songs on their own. But as I mentioned before, it's the vocals that, if not outright steal, at least become the highlight of the show here. They're sufficiently brutal without having to lean into monstrous death metal growls, and given how seldom the clean vocals are brought in to contrast them, they feel more solid and thick as a result. Now if they would only be used to create a few more memorable passages, "Theory Of Endless Sacrifice" would be a hit within the modern thrash metal circles. For now, they're missing that tiny bit of melody that'd make the many chorus parts really stick out and impress the listener. This is a good start though, and we'll no doubt be hearing more to this band in the future.

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For the fans of: Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Chimaira
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Release date March 2010

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