Reset (EP)

Written by: EW on 06/08/2010 21:33:44

"Reset" marks the fourth release of terribly named Swedish melodic death metallers Sixoneosix since a formation back in 2002, with this release being a third EP amongst the bunch. The information provided to me with this promo intimates that Sixoneosix's intentions aren't any greater than to merely enjoy playing, which is a good thing because with a release like this year seven years after formation they will not be heading to great things anytime soon. Their In Flames and Catamenia-lite workout is perfectly acceptable to uneducated ears, moving from verse to chorus to solo all at the right moments in the right methods, but the unforgiving mediocrity and dullness of the three songs featured here is unlikely to be responsible for any listeners frantically checking the band's myspace page to see if they are playing their city any time soon.

The opening title track and closer "Let It Go" both have their middle- and latter-era moments of In Flames worship and though played and produced more than adequately enough to not offend established fan or newcomer alike, the feeling of being utterly unremarkable in it's short duration makes it hard to recommend "Reset" as an EP choice to anyone but the most ardent fan of melodic death metal.


Download: Let It Go
For the fans of: In Flames, Catamenia, Soilwork
Listen: Myspace

Release date 2009

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