Man Of Two Visions

Written by: EW on 02/08/2010 08:51:26

Valkyrie exist in a world free of trends, stupid four-word band names, fringes and a fanbase consisting of guys who look like girls and girls who...well, don't understand what proper music is. Right, now I've got rid of the scenesters among us, welcome to the second album of these Virginian heavy/doom metallers containing in their ranks Pete Adams of Baroness fame. The 37 minutes spread across 7 songs of this LP are some of the most honest and blue collar heavy/doom metal I've heard in quite some time, and while it doesn't exactly hit the right notes all the time one must admire Valkyrie for the passion imbued into "Man Of Two Visions" for it leaks out once you get the past the bewilderingly rubbish cover.

"Running Out" jumps out with a 50/50 sound of stoner doom and garage demo as within a solitary minute we get classic styled riffs aplenty in the vein of The Gates of Slumber, Iron Man, Goatsnake, Big Game Hunt, Clutch and flecks of Iron getting my drift? If "Running Out" doesn't do it for you then the "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" era you-know-who to be found in "False Dreams" should lay out neatly what Valkyrie are all about as the parade of two guitars, bass and drums play out in the most traditional fashion, lead by the accomplished dual vocal performance of Jake and Pete Adams. As if to prove how 'real' a band they are, Valkyrie provide us instrumental sections aplenty with "The Green Highlander" and the folky "The Gorge" which compliment the more dynamic moments around them.

Should they wish to move forward within their pantheon however Valkyrie would benefit from upping the ante in their overall performance and production as even within an album of reasonably short length there is still enough time for lulls to form as if the band have tried to stay so retro they've forgotten about providing a continual level of energy. Coupled with a continued improvement in songwriting abilities and a livelier production job Valkyrie will find themselves turning a few heads of the people fed up with the posturing and digital fakery of the modern music scene.


Download: Runnign Out, False Dreams
For the fans of: Black Sabbath, The Gates of Slumber, Goatsnake
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Release date 05.07.2010 (originally 2008)
Meteor City Records

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