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A Light In The Dark

Written by: PP on 06/07/2006 02:58:45

After just over a week of great live music and heavy partying at Roskilde it's time to return to our normal schedule (where we are behind as usual) and the time has come to review the legendary Metal Church's newest album "A Light In The Dark", a title which cleverly marks the 20-year anniversary of the bands influential classic "The Dark".

Without too much prior knowledge to the band, it's impossible to say how much the band has changed their sound over the last five or ten years, but even so it is easy to see how this band has influenced many seminal metal acts in the past. Many of the songs on "A Light In The Dark" bear significant similarity to Metallica's early, angry thrash metal with their new vocalist sharing almost too many similiarities to James Hetfield, and the blistering solos and the riffs' perfect balance of catchiness and heavyness draw Metallica into your mind immediately, but mind you that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some more balladic songs like "Beyond All Reason" provide great contrast to the faster tracks where the swirling guitars dominate the soundscapes.

Overall, "A Light In The Dark" is a good reminder of what thrash metal used to be in late 80s, and why not also today. It's a must-have item on any thrash metallers collection not only because of its name, but also because it contains heavy metal in its purest form.

Download: A Light In The Dark, Son Of The Son
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Release date 19.06.2006
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