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Written by: PP on 01/08/2010 21:49:13

One trend which failed to catch on in the UK in terms of amount of bands playing the style was the nu-metal bulge around the change of the millennium. While the US mainstream labels were spitting out clone bands one after another, the UK scene was quiet in comparison, only coming up with a couple of worthy contenders, all of which we've forgotten by now. This is something Panic C3ll has been trying to change for a while now; "Fire It Up" is their third attempt at imitating Disturbed as closely as possible to sell a bunch of records to the UK masses.

But to be fair, it should be mentioned that Panic C3ll deliver Disturbed/Drowning Pool styled nu-metal better than either of the two bands themselves in 2010. It might sound like it should've been released at least eight years ago, but at least they've nailed down their catchy melodies nearly on par with "The Sickness" here. Furthermore, to keep things slightly distant from by-the-books nu-metal, the band sneaks in a few grunge/post-grunge influences as well, and write actual metal riffs for the most part - kinda like what Disturbed did with "Indestructible" two years ago, actually. It's as if on one hand, the band is being pulled towards old school groove metal in the vein of Pantera, with heavy, slicing riffs circling the soundscape, but on the other hand, there are plenty of dumbed-down power chords and shout-along choruses shoved down your throat. The vocalist, in particular, sings with the typical 50/50 rough/clean voice as we remember every Billboard Modern Rock TOP20 band from ten years ago. It's bound to be a turn off for some, but if you count Mudvayne, Godsmack, et al among your favorite bands today, there's a lot of good here for you. Besides, it has been about seven years now since the death of nu-metal, so hearing it today doesn't sound so annoying and overly saturated as it used to when every band on the radio and MTV was a nu-metal band.


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For the fans of: Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Godsmack, Mudvayne
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Release date 05.04.2010
Undergroove Records

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