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Attack Of The Wolf King

Written by: BL on 28/07/2010 00:05:05

For a band like Haste The Day who have been with us for four albums and an EP, now with their fifth album "Attack Of The Wolf King", it's always interesting to look at their beginnings all those years ago compared to now. Numerous member changes including the last being losing their main clean vocalist Brennan Chaulk just after the release of their last album "Dreamers" would have been enough to see off most less established acts. However Haste The Day did not back from the challenge of pressing forward with writing a new record, and with new members now filling the gaps, have moved on to new heights and new places.

"Dreamers" in my eyes suffered from a poor mix that made the record sound incredibly tin-like and thin (same guy who did the new Oh, Sleeper record which I felt had a similar problem), and somewhat run-of-the-mill songs which barely tried to expand in any new direction save for the odd track. "Attack Of The Wolf King" however, with Jason Suecof now doing the mixing, is certainly more wholesome and expansive sounding. Which is just as well because despite still seeming a little familiar, "Attack Of The Wolf King" doesn't quite sound like the Haste The Day we've heard before, for the better. See as soon as first track "Wake Up The Sun" begins we get introduced to more lead orientated and atmospheric guitar work by newcomers David Krysl and Scotty Whelan, more interesting kinds of Clean vocal usage from Michael Murphy the bassist and these carry straight onto the second track "Dog Like Vultures". With strong hints of Oh, Sleeper-esque haunting melodic guitars and an infectious chorus with the new strained sounding cleans working to great effect.

"Travesty" is another good number in my opinion, having some well worked and intricate guitars running the show until those soaring clean vocals come in for the chorus and the outro. Following on is "Merit For Sadness" which is a similarly catchy track, before "Un-Manifest", the first slightly darker sounding song, comes in. Haste The Day know you can't have a slurry of songs all having the same strengths so this was a welcome change of pace. Further down the line the band experiment a little more with "White As Snow". It's slower, more moody, and has a Deftones label stuck over it - and surprisingly fits in around the other tracks whilst being a standout. By having these sort of songs Haste The Day show they (as they always have been) still like to play around once or twice come every album, a little surprise to keep you guessing. Fortunately the show doesn't even end there, as from "Crush Resistance" with its speedy guitars all the way to the big closer "My Name Is Darkness" the quality is maintained at a consistent level.

Those who like metalcore and even post-hardcore should have a look at this record, even if you never considered yourself a fan of Haste The Day before or the whole sing/scream combo because it actually works here. It's not necessarily going to set your ears on fire, but it's a tasteful excercise in a musical style now on its last legs but given some new breath with powerful and uplifting vocals as well as exciting though genre bound guitar work. Having said all this I just hope the band will stay together long enough to reap the rewards.


Download: Dog Like Vultures, Travesty, White As Snow
For the fans of: Oh, Sleeper, August Burns Red, Destroy The Runner
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Release date 29.06.2010
Solid State Records

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