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Mr Twist

Written by: PP on 26/07/2010 20:45:45

Here's a review slightly outside my usual coverage zones, but hey that's okay, since I'm a firm believer that there's good music to be found in all genres except for R'n'B and Disney 'rock'. The band in question is Mr Twist, and their eponymous debut album, who originate from the very healthy London rock scene. It takes about two tracks to figure that out without peaking at the press sheet, because by the time you reach "On And On", the first thing to comes to mind is the British hype machine for music of this sort, and the second is Arctic Monkeys. Mr Twist are a little less pop oriented, of course, and hence they're not currently snowballing down the hill of superstardom just a few weeks after the release of the album, but no one can deny that the simple riffs-on-repeat have been heavily influenced by the aforementioned band's debut album.

That said, sounding like Arctic Monkeys isn't necessarily a bad thing, and I think we'll have no problem coming into agreement that Mr Twist are very effective in utilizing such guitar-melodies to their advantage. The soundscapes are very danceable, groovy, and easily memorable, at least for the first half of the album. There's variety, too. Opener "I Come Round Again" leans a little more towards alternative rock in the vein of Alice In Chains especially in the chorus department, whilst "Settle The Score" sneaks in an influence or two from the hard rock scene, too. For the most part, however, the album contains straight forward indie rock relying on good choruses and simplistic riffs designed to reveal the inner dancing spirit in the listener. Moments pass by where it sounds like Foals have been an influence to these boys too, especially towards the second half of the album.

And this is where the problems begin, if you ask this scribe, and you are, considering you've made it this far into the review. Each of the first five or six songs is good in it's own, individual manner, whether it's a slick guitar riff that grabs your attention, a piano-melody in the background that brings out the subtlety in the band, or simply a good chorus that you'll sing along to every time you hear it. But then the songwriting that appeared promising in the beginning starts to fade away, slowly, but surely. Frankly put, the songs just aren't as interesting as before. Some are a little too experimental for their own good, and some lack a good chorus, and some are just outright b-sides in comparison to the first couple. It leaves me wondering whether or not Mr Twist should've just put out another EP for now and fine-tune some of the other songs for a later release, but I guess when you are working with a producer like Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Smiths etc), you figure out that it's best to put out something quickly before the opportunity disappears. The final effort feels slightly incomplete as a result. It's not bad, but it's not reaching the high ratings just yet, despite the talent being obviously present in the first half of the disc.


Download: On And On, Settle The Score
For the fans of: Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Alice In Chains
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Release date Q4 2010

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