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Written by: PP on 13/07/2010 14:14:37

Now we're talking. We're still knee-deep in grindcore territory, but here's a release that actually deserves a little praise. It's a split album between Blood I Bleed, hailing from The Netherlands, and Massgrav, a Swedish grindcore unit. The story doesn't tell how these two bands met or why they decided to write a split album together, so don't ask me about that. What I can tell you, however, is that these are two very different bands playing grindcore each in their own way. Blood I Bleed gets 11 shots to convince the listener that their version of grindcore is better, Massgrav has been given space for 12 tracks to show their worth.

And the winner is...*drumroll* Blood I Bleed. They are very raw, aggressive, and know how to write excellent grind tracks that are chaotic beyond belief but still tightly bound together. Brutal Truth has no doubt been the primary influence to these guys, as they assault their grindcore tracks with similar hardcore energy and destructive power as the grind masters. No highlight tracks need to be pointed out because each 11 tracks are equally interesting and rewarding for the listener. Aspiring grindcore bands, this is an example of how you play the genre with style and class without the risk of 'selling out'.

The second place finish belongs to Massgrav, who vary their grindcore with distinct vibes of crust punk and hardcore punk in places. It's still rather good, and there are some hilariously playful 80s punk chords such as those on "Jeg Skiter Val I Kampen" surprising the listener. It's like listening to Ramones in grindcore mode, a nice touch to an already solid hardcore/grindcore hybrid sound. Here, the main influence has been Discharge, but there are places where I can hear other crust/hardcore bands like Totalt Jävlä Mörker and why not also Copenhagen's Thought Police Brutality in the mix. Good stuff, also recommended.

Overall, the split gives the listener a taste of two possible ways out of the dozens of how grindcore can be played. Blood I Bleed trust in violent, thick, brutal grindcore from the upper echelon of the genre, and Massgrav utilize their old school punk/hardcore/crust influences to their advantage when playing the genre. If you're not into grindcore, neither band is likely to appeal to you, but grindcore fans should be heading towards the store just


Download: Jeg Skiter Val I Kampen (Massgrav), Scratch The Itch (Blood I Bleed)
For the fans of: Brutal Truth, Discharge, Totalt Jävlä Mörker
Listen: Blood I Bleed, Massgrav

Release date 23.03.2010
Selfmadegod Records

Blood I Bleed:

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