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Written by: PP on 11/07/2010 03:43:07

If you're like me and constantly trawl different magazines on the net for new and upcoming releases, you must have noticed The Riot Before and the immense amount of acclaim their third album "Rebellion" has been receiving. That they are being compared to early releases by Polar Bear Club, Against Me!, Hot Water Music and Rise Against might have something to do with it. Just a little bit. Other references pop up as well; "The Middle Distance" kicks off the disc with some very Crime In Stereo-sounding vocals, before proceeding into d-beat punk rock with Midwestern, gravelly vocals on top. There's a touch of old school Rise Against in the music, but then straight after you get "Back Stage Room", which mixes the quirky drunken sailor routine of Polar Bear Club with the aggression of early Against Me!'s folk punk. It's all really melodic, but not at all pop punk or anything like that. It just has a special energy to it, much like the first Gaslight Anthem album. You know, the buzz, the passion, the intensity, that oh-so-few bands today are able to achieve outside their debut album.

These guys used to lean much more on folk punk in the past, so as if to remind their own fans of that, they've placed "Answers For Change" smack middle on the album, a pure folk punk song that should make any early Against Me! fan happy. But there are only a few of these on the record, whilst the rest of the time is spent on curvy guitars that explode into screams and intelligent melodies a la Polar Bear Club. In fact, if you made the latter a punk band, they'd be The Riot Before and write "Rebellion". These two bands are very good at very similar things: writing explosive vocal melodies that take advantage of the classic quiet/loud teachings, then shove a boatload of passion on top and bend the guitars into unexpected directions. The Riot Before just happens to be a little faster, and a little more punk.


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For the fans of: Polar Bear Club, Jawbreaker, Against Me!, Rise Against
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Release date 27.04.2010
Paper + Plastick

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