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Written by: PP on 07/07/2010 00:08:35

Speaking of the 90s, The Get Up Kids are also a part of a wave of reunions that shook the music world in the last couple of years, releasing their final studio album in 2004 before breaking up and reuniting two years ago. Most people have forgotten about the mere existence of this band considering the absence of sing-alongs at Groezrock last year and the tiny stage they were given at this year's West Coast Riot, but lets just spend a minute remembering the enormous influence of their 1999 sophomore album "Something To Write Home About" on emotionally charged music in general. It's one of the releases in the genre, as those in the know will tell you. Enough history though, the band started writing new songs for three EP releases, the first one of which is "Simple Science EP", self-released by the band's own imprint, Simple Psyence Recordings.

So what's in the store for you? Like many other reviews have stated before this one, these songs are like straight from "Something To Write Home About", almost so close in feeling and emotionally charged moments that one's tempted to ask whether or not these are forgotten b-sides now finalized for a new release. I don't think anyone is complaining though because a song like "Keith Case" is sure to make the pants of any emo girl wet and give the guys (speculative term I suppose :P) a hard on. The amount of feeling The Get Up Kids can emit even on a studio recording is impressive, with singer Matt symbolizing everything that's great about emotional music. "Your Pretty Pretty Things" falls in the same category with a bit of guitar and sonic experimentation towards the end, and "Tommy Gentle" plays between Jimmy Eat World style pop punk and indie-flavoured original emo. Sounds good? That's because it is. There are three strong tracks and one weak one (the last one is too emo and quiet for me perhaps), so if you're wondering what The Get Up Kids are/were all about, "Simple Science EP" is as good of a place to start as "Something To Write Home About" - with the back thought that it'll lead you to discover one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

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For the fans of: Jimmy Eat World, Braid, Mineral, Moneen
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Release date 13.04.2010
Simple Psyence Recordings

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