One Step Closer

Written by: PP on 09/06/2010 23:14:05

It takes only one track to figure out the origin of Misconduct, because their approach to melodic punk is about as Swedish as it gets. But fear not, the Swedes are traditionally excellent at delivering anthemic punk rock records, and "One Step Closer" is no exception. We're deep in the realm of technical skatepunk, where polished vocal melodies and killer riffs are in the spotlight. It takes equally little time to notice the key influence to Misconduct, as vocalist Fredrik Olsson sounds more or less identical to Millencolin's Nikola, but then again they're the most successful punk band in Sweden, so it's hard not to share a few things in common in as small of a country as Sweden is.

Other bands that pop up in mind are fellow Swedes No Fun At All during the medium-tempo songs, and elsewhere you'll be deaf not to hear a dominant "Land Of The Free"-era Pennywise vibe in a bunch of songs. Add a bunch of Millencolin-esque skatepunk riffs, floor the pedal, and you've got "One Step Closer" nailed down to precise detail. A pretentious intro track that would feel more at home at an awards ceremony than on a punk rock record (why do bands include these, you'll never listen to them more than once!) leads the album into "Closer", the best song on the record, which has a KILLER opening riff. The hook is infectious enough to propel a band to international fame all by itself, but other tracks like "I Close My Eyes" (superb chorus), the heavily Pennywise inspired "Peace, Love & Unity", and the breakneck speed "Out Of Reach" are all solid cuts as well. Many of these include sudden tempo shifts from medium-pace to lightning speed d-beat punk, and it's these sudden explosions of skatepunk energy that make "One Step Closer" an enjoyable record.

Granted, it's not particularly original nor surprising considering its Swedish background, but yet a bunch of songs from the record have made their way to my regular playlist. Any fan of Millencolin, Pennywise, Wiseheimer, No Fun At All etc etc is strongly recommended to obtain a copy of "One Step Closer". It's not a revolutionary skatepunk record by any means, but in a genre which has been fading away since the golden 90s, it functions as a nostalgic reminder of the 'good old days' in melodic punk.


Download: Closer, I Close My Eyes
For the fans of: Millencolin, Pennywise, Wiseheimer
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Release date 12.04.2010
I Scream Records

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