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Speaking of kvlt satanic black metal (bla bla bla), here's one release that I just cannot stand: Thyruz - "Diseblot". Not only does the whole effort feel like a shoebox type of recording, with drums sounding flat and double blast beats failing to generate any oomph, not to even mention the non-existent bass guitar, but the disgusting shriek growls of their vocalist just take the piss. I get it, this is tr00 Norwegian Black Metal and I'm not kvlt enough to belong into that super elitist exclusive club of metalheads, but then again, I'm not interested in listening to crap like this where modern production techniques are purposefully ignored to capture some sort of 'ultra evil and satanic' soundscape instead. Well, a picture says more than a thousand words, so just check out how cool and evil these sunglass-wearing douchebags pretend to be with a bloody severed cow head in front of them:

Ignoring all of the above, and that's one huge task if you ask me, the compositions aren't even that good. A good example can be found in a passage during "Vargaate": grunting occasionally into the mic like a monster from a fantasy horror film while you have some ultra down tuned guitar repeating the same riff just doesn't qualify as music anymore. The section is a nearly three minute long waste of my life that I can't get back. The completely pointless 45 second interlude "Blot" falls in the same category. The question that needs to be asked is why? That said though, if you magically managed to drown the vocalist out of the picture, Thyruz otherwise follow a very standard and unoriginal black metal format. Evil-sounding tremolo riffs, constant blast beats and the usual stuff. Nothing new to be seen here. In a scene as crowded as black metal, you have to be better than this to make any sort of impact on the listener. Or maybe I'm just not as kvlt as they are?


Download: Circles Of Eternal Flames
For the fans of: Demonic, Carpticon, undergrounder-than-thou black metal
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Release date 14.05.2010

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