Ordo Bellictum Satanas

Written by: PP on 09/06/2010 19:07:07

With a name like Semargl, let alone an album title such as "Ordo Bellictum Satanas", you'd expect some obscure satanic black metal recorded through a shoebox - at best. Reading the promo information doesn't make one's presumptions any better: apparently Semargl characterize their style of music as "Ragrar" metal, whatever that means. Probably something to do with their Ukrainian background, who knows. Apparently they used to be a kvlt black metal band from what I can understand, and this record is a significant departure from their earlier sound. I won't comment on that, since I haven't ever heard of the band before this release, so here goes.

Anyway, "Ordo..." treats the listener to a genuine black'n'roll expression. That is, black metal mixing together with rock'n'roll and significant amounts of thrash. It's surprisingly accessible even for a non-kvlt black metaller such as myself, given the groove-laden guitars and rowdy soundscapes all around. Occasionally, orchestral passages recalling many symphonic black metal bands are added in, though these are usually so insignificant that they make little difference to the sound overall. On top of the gargling growls, a female vocalist makes an appearance at least on one track ("Credo Revolution"), though her presence leads the overall sound towards a gothic metal territory. It's irritating, because for the most part, Semargl play heavily Motörhead-inspired metal'n'roll, and they're not too bad at it.

An impressive list of guest musicians are found on the record, including Jonny Maudling (My Dying Bride), Iscariah (ex-Immortal), Novy (ex-Behemoth) among others. This is probably why the songs differ so much from each other, because on top of the symphonic black metal, gothic metal and metal'n'roll, you'll also find industrial metal songs like "Credo Total Krieg", and even soft pop-metal ballads ("Credo Flaming Rain"). One of the reasons I'm having trouble remembering much of the record is because it's a little too varied to make a solid impression. It's not bad though, although I don't expect the band to go far with a name like Semargl, despite the curiosity one might have about "ragrar" metal or the fact that they're from Ukraine.

Download: Credo Satania, Credo Sacrifice
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Release date 12.03.2010

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