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As accompanying promo bios go, that for German (or "Xorgosh"-ian, as you'll soon understand) industrial/death metallers Mammutant is one of the more interesting I have ever read. Though looking like Lordi, but from an even more fucked up planet than those Eurovision-bothering Finns, should get Mammutant 5 minutes worth of attention, I am far more entertained by this bio than the music contained within, and thus intend to fill out much of the mandatory word space with this to avoid having actually discuss in detail the industrial bleakness within...

"Once upon in a time, in a galaxy not far enough away... war was raging on Xorgosh between the tribes of Mauchians, Cugothians and Nangorian hordes of cannibals. After the siege and eventual downfall of Ultrosstus, metropolis of the Nangorian Empire, the Cugothians turned against their allies in an attempt to overthrow the Mauchians and to gain complete control over Xorgosh. The Nangorians saw their chance to eliminate their enemies and attacked in a sudden onslaught. This final battle eventually led to the complete destruction of the whole planet. Only a small number of Cugothian Cyberzerker-Warriors, the Mammutants, escaped in a small spacecraft, roaming through the galaxy in search for planets full of new meat. Next stop: EARTH!!!"

Clearly no band in history has such a sob story to fall back on, unquestionably rendering Mammutant the greatest band (now) on Earth. Should, however, you wish to sample the finest of planet Xorgosh music to check for yourself, the sounds of synthesised drums, mid-paced thrash riffing and vocals sounding strangely like Peter of Polish titans Vader (I knew the Poles had spread out since entrance into the EU, but not that far) are what you'll hear. Only songs like "Kutulu Rising" and the title-track "Atomizer" might make you quake with fear for the impending invasion as the overall mechanised feel does nothing for a mere human like myself who tends to prefer the sound of other humans, and not machines, making the music I wish to hear, but having been recorded in what must have been horrendous conditions as their planet was destroyed around them stands as testimony to the unparalleled strength of Mammutant. All in all, however, if this album was merely recorded by four blokes dressed in silly outfits with a band 'history' drunkenly devised in the pub at 4am designed to cover up a lack of ability then the crap songs would all make perfect sense, but being warriors of the not-actually-that-far-away Ultrosstus civilisation makes "Atomizer" one of the most incredible records ever released on planet Earth, and my early pick for 'album of the decade'. [1000]

Pardon, say what now????? Oh...


Download: Atomizer, Kutulu Rising
For the fans of: Cugothian Cyberzerker-Warrior Musiccore.
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Release date 28.05.2008
Massacre Records

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