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For fellow Germans Eisbrecher, one Rammstein isn't enough, although for many in the rest of the world, that's already one too many. At least that's the way I understand the band based on a good couple of spins to their new album "Eiszeit", a record which borrows its entire existence from the echoing and partly gothic industrial atmospheres and moods of Rammstein á "Mutter" and "Reise, Reise" era. Even the murky vocal style of Lindemann has been blatantly ripped off by vocalist Wesselsky, though he's nowhere near as charismatic and overwhelming as Lindemann can occasionally be.

To avoid sounding like a direct clone of the big R, a couple of songs are masked with a layer or 'electronic trip rock' as the band likes to call it, which basically just consists of electronica effects cut-and-pasted on top of the otherwise standard industrial metal platform. "Bombe", for instance, sounds like Nine Inch Nails' debut album "Pretty Hate Machine" has been a significant influence to the band. To their credit, a whole bunch of riffs can safely be labeled with pop words like 'driving', 'groovy' and the lot; I won't deny banging my head in acceptance to a number of passages throughout the record. So an entirely forgettable effort "Eiszeit" is certainly not.

However, I suspect for most people, the transparent Rammstein worship may be a little too much. After all, it's rather easy to weigh the two acts against each other and conclude that Rammstein simply has better songs than any on "Eiszeit". That being said, there's little doubt that tracks like the title track and opener "Böse Mädchen" will be rotating at sketchy gothic clubs like Alcatraz in Milan, or more locally, Faust here in Copenhagen. To that sort of crowd, "Eiszeit" is the best thing to have happened since the previous Rammstein album.


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Release date 16.04.2010
AFM Records

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