Roads, Bridges And Ruins

Written by: PP on 07/06/2010 20:33:13

This one was released all the way back in October last year, but it's a pretty good album so I figured I'll tell you guys a little bit about it. The band in question is Nothington from San Francisco, created from the ashes of revered punk band Tsunami Bomb back in 2006. So far they've spent most of their time in the underground with their debut album "All In", but their sophomore record "Road, Bridges And Ruins" has elevated them to nationwide fame in the US and made sure the band is now also able to tour on this side of the pond as well.

Stylistically, Nothington offer little new, pursuing a similar raspy, gravelly punk rock expression as Leatherface and Hot Water Music. Heartfelt melodies, sweat-drenched live performances and big sing alongs are a guarantee whenever these guys are on the roll, and I'm happy to report that it's all fives and sixes for them on "Roads Bridges And Ruins", so it doesn't matter even if you know a handful of other bands playing this exact style. Optimistic upbeat melody and unforgettable vocal melodies are seemingly stringed one after another until you reach the end of the record, where you'll realize that any fan of Banner Pilot, North Lincoln, et al will feel comfortably at home.

Ten songs are packed into 33 intense minutes, which is perfect for a record like this. It cuts you loose just at the right moment to keep you coming back for songs like "The Ocean" and "A Mistake" because of the feel-good adrenaline rush you get when singing along to the melodies time after time. Moreover, the disc offers enough variety for it to appeal to even those who've had enough of the coarsely-melodic punk scene lately. "Not Looking Down", for instance, sounds like seminal indie flavored alternative/pop punk act The Stereo - except a little raspier - and "Stop Screaming" is a slow ballad with touching lyrics. In other words, "Roads, Bridges And Ruins" is one of those feel-good, easy-to-enjoy albums that'll appeal to a wide range of audiences.


Download: A Mistake, Not Looking Down, Another Day
For the fans of: Hot Water Music, Leatherface, North Lincoln
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Release date 06.10.2009
BYO Records

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