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The Ghost

Written by: MY on 13/06/2006 13:06:39

Hailing with their third album, Before the Dawn is another dark metal band from Finland. Tuomas Saukkonen created the band as a solo project in 1999 and made the first demo himself before the project developed into a solid band with a full line-up. The first album, "My Darkness", saw the daylight in 2003 on Locomotive Records and one year later, the second album, "4:17am", followed. But the line-up changes caused difficult times and that forced Tuomas to designate Before The Dawn as a solo project again. And on May 26th the band returned with the third album, "The Ghost".

"The Ghost" is a mixture of modern metal and gothic vibes, great melodies, good dark vocals - some brutal and some clean - cathcy vocal lines and guitar riffs. The first song "Disappear" teaches you the true meaning of "catchy", it captures you at the very first moment and makes you think that you are listening to one of the best albums of the year. And even though the second song isn't quite as good, the third song will probably teach you that you shouldn't make too quick decisions. I don't think that you will ever need to skip the tracks as the songs are easy to listen, but at the end of the album you will notice that "The Ghost" is merely a mixture of recycled riffs and vocal lines.

I am sure you all know about the popularity of Finnish dark metal, there are too many bands doing what Before The Dawn is doing and to be honest plenty of them are doing this better than Before The Dawn. But if you are not that tired of these kind of bands, give them a chance and take a listen, even if it's only for the first track of the album.


Download: Disappear, Fade Away
For the fans of: Amorphis, Katatonia
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Release date 26.05.2006
Locomotive Records
Provided by Target ApS

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