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Written by: MT on 15/05/2010 16:11:03

Creating an original sound seems as hard as finding the Holy Grail for most musicians of this day and age. But what made bands 30 years ago so original? It was a combination of things. Firstly, the amplification and rapid development of the electric guitar which was pioneered by players like Jimi Hendrix who took the instrument and did unimaginable things with and to it. He was one of the key figures in the development along with many other players, who inspired a generation of musicians and fans alike. The excitement of all these new found sounds, coupled with the 60's & 70's music scene that was fueled by the desire to break free from the last generation's conservatism, filtered through the haze of drug excess gave birth to something wild. It was in many cases as much about the rebellious sentiment as the music itself and the musicians explored the limits of the instruments as they did their minds.

Awesome Color re-lives those glory days through their psychedelic, heavily punk-inspired garage rock. This power trio from Detroit, is one of the most exciting bands I've had the pleasure of reviewing for a while and their third album "Massa Hypnos" has been in frequent rotation ever since my receiving of it. You would think that a band such as them would get a lot of "I've heard that all before" statements thrown their way, but despite being heavily influenced by among others, their heroes The Stooges, they sound insanely fresh. The trio has captured so much raw energy and excitement that they sound like they've flown with a time machine straight out of the 70's to now.

The music is simple but constantly driving and many tracks are just so cool that you can imagine it being the soundtrack for a drive through the desert or a Tarantino flick. Female drummer Allison Busch beats the living crap out of her drum kit and is a speedy force to be reckoned with, especially on a song like "Vision" which is a flurry of borderline drum 'n bass drumming underneath infectious guitar and vocal hooks. Vocalist/Guitarist Michael Troutman has a very characteristic voice which rips with distortion through the microphone and compliments his psychedelic, effects-driven, roaring Detroit guitar. All while Derek Stanton's rock solid bass lines tie it all together.

Despite having toured as support for Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and being on Sonic Youth front man Thurston Moore's label Ecstatic Peace, the band is still very underground. I don't know if this is by choice, as I can imagine a band like this wanting to keep the underground vibes going, or it is because of a lack of interest or marketing. In any case, I'm gonna get a hold of the first two albums and keep a close eye on the band. As I read somewhere else, if you like to drop your acid in the garage, Awesome Color is your band!

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For The Fans Of: Sonic Youth, The Stooges, The Doors
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Release Date 17.05.2010
Ecstatic Peace

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