Order Of Voices

Order Of Voices

Written by: MT on 09/05/2010 16:34:53

I've always had a soft spot for alternative music, which remains one of my favorite genres; it's dark and dissonant vibes responsible for spring-boarding me into the world of metal. However, most of the alternative rock I listen to is starting to seem dated and I feel like it reached its peak at the turn of the century. But up and coming Brits Order Of Voices seem to be out to prove me wrong as their self-titled debut contains some of the most powerful material the genre has had to offer for, dare I say it, years.

Something that must be pointed out is that this band was formed in 2009 and their debut was released the very same year, which is unreal as they confidently deliver the music like brazen veterans of the genre. The music has immense amounts of feel, infectious melodies and atmospheric soundscapes, giving the album a great deal of dynamics which makes it a real pleasure to listen to. Every song is well thought out and the album flows seamlessly with a distant brooding vibe hinting at this bands great potential to explode from the depths.

Each song is an anthem and the melodies crafted by frontman Leigh Oates are catchy, albeit in the good way. His vocal performance is undeniably one of the best parts of the record. It’s not often you hear a vocalist who can jump from mellow ballad vocals to distorted cries and primal classic rock-esque screams without faltering on either one of them. The production on the record is clean and effectively acts a good medium for the delivery of the songs.

Unfortunately the album only clocks in at 40 min, including the last two songs which almost feel like one long instrumental outro. This isn't surprising as the members couldn't have had long to write the songs after their inception. Some of the albums highlights are the intense "Burn Black Light" and "Reaching Down", which are sure to get some nods of approval in both the alternative and even mainstream circles. "What I breathe" doesn't quite seem to live up to the rest of the albums greatness, but the following epic "Forgiveness" more than makes up for it. Order Of Voices are one of the most convincing unsigned bands I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. The only reason that they are not on a label yet is most likely due to the fact that the band only came to be last year, so it is only a matter of time.

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Release Date 19.01.2010

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