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Written by: MT on 30/04/2010 22:43:54

Modern death metal is a genre I have mixed feelings about. Although I'm not too fond of pigeon-holing bands into genres, it is hard not to lop them into the same category with all their similarities, despite the label's relatively wide connotations. What seems like a sea of endless bands, rarely washes anything worthwile to shore as they drown amongst their brethren. But with a hopeful outlook, I put on Mastic Scum's new release "Dust".

The generically named opening track "Ashes To Dust" opens up with a just as generic soundscape backed by a religious quote which I'm sure many will think sounds kind of cool, but is so worn out that even the oldest of village wenches will look like a fresh broad next to it. But this isn't too worrying as a lot of metal practically rides on clichés nowadays, so I'll buy it. After the build-up, the first song starts out convincingly and as it approaches the end, it wraps up as an un-memorable but effectively heavy opener.

By the fourth song "Dead Remains", I am getting impatient waiting for some dynamics, hooks or at least something original to kick in. But as the album progresses and is almost done (finally), all that's coming out of my speakers is the same sound that hundreds of other death metal bands churn out. I am thoroughly disappointed as there isn't a squeak of originality that this record has to offer. The initial sound satisfies but tuning low and playing a "heavy" riff that doesn't inspire more than a drunken headbang just doesn't cut it. Where is the inspiration and the balls to take a bite off something new and not just regurgitate the old? Even if being original wasn't in the question, the band still doesn't have enough consistent songwriting to save this album.

It is hard to put a finger on anything impressive here as even the production is the same sterile over-produced story as I've heard too many times before. Is the playing tight? I don't know. This album has been through hell and back in Pro-tools and not in a subtle way; leaving the musicianship questionable. I could go on but will leave it up to the fans of the band to ultimately decide; I've heard this too many times before and I don't buy the hype.


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Release Date 13.11.2009
Twilight Records

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