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Written by: DR on 19/04/2010 17:21:43

A mere three months after giving me an earection (GEDDIT?) with their Abnormalities EP, The Spill Canvas are back with another for y'all. Their last outing combined originality with foot-tap-ability with ridiculously awesome hooks and lyricist Nick Thomas at his very best; suffice to say, it was their best release yet. But, I guess "Realities" is what I should be focusing on. Actually, that not-so-subtle pine for "Abnormalities" is perfect for this review, as it's exactly how you too will be feeling while you listen this.

That isn't to say "Realities" is poor, because it really isn't; The Spill Canvas' unquenchable flair shines steadily through, which gives you more than enough reason to listen. It's just, that three-tracked masterpiece of three months ago was so unexpected, and so addictive, and so fresh, that it's only natural to be disappointed at the path taken here. Gone are the groove-laden guitars that had you dancing, as are the dirty vocals crooning somewhat suggestive lyrics. Things now seem to have become a bit rom-comish. No, it doesn't feature Jennifer Aniston. It's more straight-forward, nice but predictable, whilst at all times revolving around the central theme of love.

Remove this EP from the shadow of it's predecessor, and you'll start to enjoy it more - particularly for how they take on love from slightly unconventional angles. Yes, it's hardly ground-breaking (Shakespeare did it long before), but the manner in which Nick Thomas writes, almost self-deprecatingly, about love in "Our Song" is something all lovers (who don't think their love raises the benchmark everywhere) can relate to: "You're a waitress in a cocktail bar / And I save you 'cause I'm a big rockstar / But we know that's not how our song goes." Most importantly, that chorus, and one or two others, are catchy as fuck, as we have now come to expect from The Spill Canvas.

"Realities" is, in reality, decent but nothing spectacular. It's an enjoyable way to kill twenty minutes, but with "Abnormalities", not so much this, you'll still going back to it because it leaves you wanting more, resulting in this particular reviewer harbouring hope their future sound will be in that vein. Besides, it's always more fun to be abnormal, anyway.


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Release Date 13.04.2010
Reprise Records

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