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Written by: PK on 14/04/2010 23:11:04

"Pacifuego" is the second full-length album from Boston based rockers Dirt Mall, and just in case you were concerned that listening to it might take up too much of your time, fear not. The longest song on the album doesn't even reach four minutes, and many songs come in at around two or three minutes. This makes for an interesting if rather brief listening experience, but Dirt Mall manage to pack plenty into this short time frame.

Dirt Mall describe themselves as a rock'n'roll band, but they do sometimes border on punk, and there is a certain uncomplicated rawness about it all which is quite refreshing. Each song is like a mini punch in the face, coming from nowhere, and before you have had time to realise what is going on, the song has gone and you are being hit by the next punch. In this respect, "Pacifuego" really works well. The track "Rats" could easily feature on a Donnas album, so similar is it to the style of that particular band. The guitar riffs are simple and generally effective, although the simplicity of everything is also the main thing that brings the album down. At times the songs do cry out for a little bit of variety or some spark that will lift them to the next level, and it never really comes. Tracks like "What Now" and "Buried By You" fall into this category. They highlight the fact that singer Johnny Anguish doesn't have the greatest voice and that there is a distinct lack of inventiveness on show. Things are rectified though on tracks like "You've Got The Whole Thing Wrong", which gets you tapping your foot along to the infectious beat and gritty guitar riff.

There are some good moments to be found on "Pacifuego" but it is found wanting a little in terms of excitement. As much as I wanted to love the album and the band for the fact that they apparently play good old fashioned rock'n'roll, I couldn't. The album is good but there was just something missing to make me want to come back and listen to it again and again. Dirt Mall are a young band though, and considering that they are just starting out, they haven't done badly at all.

Download: You've Got The Whole Thing Wrong, Building A Case, Calling All Clowns
For The Fans Of: The Donnas, The Cult, The Hellacopters, The Hives
Listen: myspace.com/dirtmall

Release Date 26.02.2010
Daykamp Records

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