I Never Heard The Bullet

Moving With Grace That Men Despise EP

Written by: TL on 14/04/2010 00:07:27

To round off my handful of reviews for tonight, it's time for another release I've gotten my hands on after having it recommended by a friend of mine, in this case one whose taste I've learnt not to question. A lesson that's isn't in any way countered by Portland five piece I Never Heard The Bullet and their EP "Moving With Grace That Men Despise".

In essence, INHTB aren't much different at all, from the r'n'b-core Emarosa clones that I commonly present to you readers in my spontaneous EP reviews. They deal in highly melodic, and highly dynamic rock/post-hardcore songs, fronted by soulful vocals of singer Motaz, who does indeed sound like both Jonny Craig and the singer of Oh, Clemency (whom I don't seem to be done with promoting any time soon, I know, awesome band). Throw in a hint of Anberlin's lead singer and invite fans of City Escape and Avosetta to the party, and fans of the style in general should already have their ears open, while outsiders probably have enough to do in catching up with bigger guns from the genre, rather than getting involved with bands in such early stages of their career, as seems the case with INHTB.

As is always the case with any record however, it is the songs that determine the size of the success, and as is most often the case with bands I choose to voluntarily hype, INHTB aren't exactly coming up short in that department. Of the four cuts offered on this EP, all are solid, working the dynamics that this music demands with talent and skill. One of the four, opener "Why Does The Pavement Seem So Close" is even pretty cool, sporting both memorable riffage and chorus. Another one however, is actually more or less the main reason I'm even writing this review. You see, "65th & Holgate" is a song that just kicks ass, right from the start. It's slightly poppier than the rest, but it matters not, as the song is composed perfectly with parts that get more and more intense until bursting into a chorus to die for.

So that's more or less it. An EP with a great sound and four solid tracks, championed by a single song of the kind which should pry a lot of ears open for this young band. And that's exactly what they need, and what we like, so if we (and by we I mean you) go and listen to "65th & Holgate", if not the entire EP, then I suggest the band get to writing more songs of that quality. Because if they do, we should be hearing more about them soon enough.

Download: 65th & Holgate, Why Does The Pavement Seem So Close?,
For The Fans Of: Oh, Clemency; Emarosa; Avosetta; City Escape
Listen: myspace.com/ineverheardthebullet

Release Date Summer 2009

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