The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been

Written by: PH on 01/06/2006 16:44:09

Lingua from Sweden are here with their debut album "The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been". Lingua was founded in 2001 and started out as a post grunge band. After releasing six demo's their style changed slightly, and they are now here with their first full-length album.

I like the album title, their band name and I like the cover art. But what is up with their first song title? "May Crayons Guide the Sheep" - but I was about to be surprised. I have noticed, that in almost every review I have done lately, I have always liked the first songs better. You might conclude from that, that I only listen to the first 3 songs and then write the review from there. It's not the case at all, but this album is a good example on 2 incredible good openers, that leaves the remaining songs to pale in comparison.

"May Crayons Guide the Sheep" starts with a singing-conversation. The music makes you think of Tool, since it sounds almost alike, but when the chorus sets in, you're caught. I have listened to it over and over again, and it's one of those songs that soon will join your "Top-25" on your iPoD.

"You Wonder Why You Still Wonder Why" is next, and it's almost as good as "May Crayons..". Though it leads your thoughts more towards a more post grunge sound than a Tool sound. If I should review only these two songs, the following punchline would be appropriate: Lingua is a shining diamond from the flourishing Swedish music scene. Unfortunately, the remaining songs never reach the same level.

Now the Vocalist begins to scream on "Control Yourself" like another Thrice-wannabe. There a couple of other songs that also include the screaming element, and it just is not good enough. Songs like "Transparent Barriers" try to use the same formula as the two openers, but there's something missing; the beautiful and the mysterious sound. Not they aren't that bad songs, but it's just not anything in particular.


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For The Fans Of: Tool, Thrice, Dredg
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Release date 28.04.2006
Mascot Records
Provided by Target ApS

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