Teenage Gluesniffers

Nervous Breakdown

Written by: PP on 27/03/2010 19:24:00

From my eight years of experience as a punk rock music critic (among other genres), one thing I've learned is that it's one of the few genres that flourishes no matter the origin. Whether you're in Japan, Finland, California, or South America, you'll always find at least a couple of good to great punk bands in any country of the region. Teenage Gluesniffers are from Milan, Italy, which isn't exactly known as the hotbed of European punk rock, but they're nonetheless a good find for anyone into garage-ish punk rock with nuances of power pop and pop punk in the mix. Fans of bands like The Dopamines, Ramones, Teenage Bottlerocket, Team Stray, and why not early early early Green Day (think "39/Smooth") will find lots to like here. I can see why the band lists 90s Lookout Records on their list of influences.

It's the care free, cheerful vibe emanating from the vocals that makes Teenage Gluesniffer such a feel good listen. Poppy melodies, catchy choruses, and snotty vocals. Yeah, this is mid 90s three chord pop punk alright, nothing particularly original or groundbreaking by any means. But like I've said often before, when it comes to punk rock, you don't have to be super original to write good, catchy songs, and that's an area where Teenage Gluesniffers excel throughout "Nervous Breakdown". Easily accessible, enjoyable songs to uplift your mood on a rainy day, with a few funny lyrics and samples thrown in for good measure. Not much more can be said about the record; it's good at what it does. It probably won't end up being your favorite record of the year, but if you're into stuff by any of the bands mentioned before, then checking these guys out should be a no brainer, because on European punk rock standards, Teenage Gluesniffers belong to the top tier of bands.


Download: I Wanna Be A Pyro
For the fans of: Team Stray, Ramones, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Dopamines
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Release date 07.12.2009
Mind Rot Records

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